The Weird Sisters Podcast

Ep.19 – Don't Worry Mom, it's for Skittles

In this episode, The Weird Sisters get their minds absolutely blown by Exploding Head Syndrome: a symptom of anxiety which holds a title that spurs another layer of anxiety, leading to rolling explosions.

However, you may be haunted if you are not exploding so please make an appointment with your local exorcist if you can relate.

Get ready to meet the wine that tastes like a bouncy house full of Skittles that will fly up into your mouth as you jump. Foot sweat protected, gimp suits accepted. Don’t worry mom, it’s just for Skittles.

Rhetorical question: If you menstruate, what is your go-to food for the crampies and why is it potato chips? Also, why do you tip the bag straight into your throat?

This episode was inspired by: The Show Malbec – Folk & Fable Red Blend – Incarnadine Red Blend

February 4, 2022