The Weird Sisters Podcast

Ep.23 – Pairs Well With Bullsh*t and Fishsticks

In this episode, The Weird Sisters get stereotyped as another hen in the brothel that only drinks Starbucks coffee and won’t stop cluck-cluckin’. Our favorite door-to-door charity is back and represented by a worthless bro.

We assure you that nobody you know is going to become possessed and kill you. However, there’s no way we can promise zoo animals won’t find your summer camp and kill you. If you find yourself in the center of such an encounter, please double check that it is not April Fool’s day before writing out your last will and testament.

Say it with us, “Pranks are okay but not in a traumatizing way!”

The amount of lawful good you are is directly tied to how many times you are summoned to jury duty and judges don’t give a damn about your anxiety. Do yourself a favor and throw that court order in the trash. Ghosting doesn’t just work on your exes, the government can also take a hint.

French alien wine got us a little extra weird today and we are pleased to let it out into the universe. Weird is literally our middle name.

This episode was inspired by: Comarca Verdejo – Bonny Doon Vin Gris – Colorfast Sauvignon Blanc

April 12, 2022