The Weird Sisters Podcast

Ep.21 – Why does Xanax not Grow like Beans?

In this episode, The Weird Sisters find the trade off that makes the nice Walmart a place where you are able to wear shorts. Was the lack of fabric on your legs repurposed to cover the shame of moving into the bottom floor of an MLM scheme?

If we ever enter a second prohibition era, some trusty wine facts gave us the gift that keeps on giving: How NOT to make wine by NOT leaving it in a cupboard for 20 days. We obey the law in this house and especially in our cupboards.

Misogynistic history clearly states that women are not allowed to drink now or even in death for fear that they will get drunk, hangout and bangout with their highschool boyfriends in the afterlife. This may not have been a fear for men if they had known that snake wine could finally cure their teeny weenies enough to be secure in their manhood.

This episode was inspired by: Tragolargo Monastrell Red – El Savaje Cabernet Franc – Nomos Shiraz

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March 8, 2022