The Weird Sisters Podcast

Ep.26 – Go Get Lit With My Blessing, My Child

In this episode, The Weird Sisters have a question for you: would you rather eat an undesirable snack pre-maggot arrival or a desired snack post-maggot arrival? Before you answer, keep in mind that it may depend on how much you hate peanut butter and how much you like maggots.

Nature calls one friend in your drinking buddy group to corral the others. If you look like a narc, that is probably you despite the fact that you’re capable of some FAT bong rips. If your friends are dumb enough to smoke a bag of weed they found on the ground outside, that still makes you mommy.

We love the “resting b*tch-face” term so much that it makes us barf our eyeballs out. If by some strange chance you hate it and would like to make the person trying to force you to smile feel as uncomfortable as you do, be sure to keep a fabricated horror story about your life in your back pocket. Or simply speak about the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Preparation… that’s a reason to smile, my b*tch-faced friends.

This episode was inspired by: Cellar Classified Russian River Valley Chardonnay – Badenhorst The Curator White Blend – Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut Chardonnay

May 21, 2022