The Weird Sisters Podcast

Ep.24 – Hot and Ready Like a Little Caesars Pizza

In this fish-forward episode, The Weird Sisters learn they all have the same oddly specific, anger-inducing opinions about how shrimp should be served. Please just do it right or risk being the object we scratch our argumentative bones on.

Hoo-mered by a tuna-inspired wine, Meagan shares about the events that led to her getting the 69 talk from her mom as a kid. Word of advice: the birds and the bees talk should probably come first unless you're intentionally trying to confuse your offspring with a human puzzle.

New to the office? Make damn sure you somehow learn all the unspoken rules, even though Glenda the bad witch took down the informative signs. Heating up fish in the microwave and using an entire head of garlic in your bowl of pasta are fireable offenses, you know! But we don’t food shame around here - we’re too busy arguing about Grand Moff Darth Tarth Tarkin and trying to figure out how to get our teeth on some anti-calcium lozenges.

Turns out we can give you multiple ideas on how to deal with a Karen (some that include words and others that involve daddy tears) but we're sadly at a loss for how to not look like an idiot…and maybe that's the real reason no butterflies have landed on us in a long time. Boundaries up!

This episode was inspired by: 2019 Le Coeur De La Reine Sauvignon Blanc – 2020 Maiden's Delight Pinot Grigio – 2014 Fleur Chardonnay

April 24, 2022