The Weird Sisters Podcast

Ep.28 – They Hide Their Creepy Pedey Parts

In this episode, The Weird Sisters haven’t changed one bit since the hiatus the universe bequeathed upon them. Please enjoy the below described intellectual subject matter: If you pick a font with some curly-swirlies, it means pirates. Your mother shutting the refrigerator door in your face was justified, due to the fact that you, yourself, were a bill and a poor investment that would only depreciate in value. And now, a guide to the only three types of bugs, and solutions to their occupancy in your house: Gross and crawly - Smush Chunky and crunchy - Swat Cute or will become a butterfly - Save As a side note, we find it odd that snails get their shells from sea life but also shrivel with salt. It seems like a design flaw but we are not lab coat boys. Be honest! On a scale of “Where have you been” to “Stop talking about bugs”, how much have you missed us? This episode was inspired by: 2019 Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay

August 15, 2022