The Weird Sisters Podcast

Ep.25 – Congratulations on Your Penis, Plus One!

In this episode, The Weird Sisters scoff at the idea of yacht owners overlooking an obvious plan to have their big boats built to symbolize how they acquired enough money to secure said yacht.

Kelsey stops vaping cold-turkey and tries to replace the urge with a vacuum from Target but instead encounters an imaginary British woman that rolls her eyes at the absurd drinking age restriction in the US.

If you’ve ever wondered why kids recover from certain death so easily, it’s simply because they are jello people. If we were all jello people, there would be no weight restrictions on airplanes and monkey bars would be way less of a deal compared to others with bones.

People with children really just couldn’t afford the cocaine and hookers they wanted so they instead had babies and then made them beat all the other babies in push up contests. Of course if you are Elon Musk, you always wanted children so you could make your own Dune on Mars with your kid Bleep Bloop and the other hundred.

This episode was inspired by: 2020 Maiden’s Delight Pinot Grigio – 2014 Fleur Chardonnay – 2019 Le Coeur De La Reine Sauvignon Blanc

May 8, 2022